Femdom Fantasy: Eat Her Asshole

It’s Time to Please…

They bring you to the woods. It seems like they’re always bringing you to a secluded location. Their athletic pants hug their bodies tightly. They pull you on a leash. You only know them by fake names… PRINCESS in black and the dirty blonde is LILY. Princess yanks your leash and they take you to an open clearing.

“It’s time for you to get on your knees,” Lily says. Princess approaches you and lowers you to your knees. You’re used to this. It’s part of your training, but it’s new and exciting every time. And today, they are wearing their sweaty thongs, the kind that absorb their sweat and end up disgustingly strong. But you love it. And you know this means a lot to them. “Finally…” she says, “you’re listening like a good little asspig should.”

Are you Ready to Lick?

Princess shows you her neon green thong. She pulls your face in close and lets you lick the sweat off her ass cheeks. After that, she shoves your face between her crack. Both of their butts are flat, but you like that… And they know that if you were to compliment them on what kind of ass you like, they’d slap the shit out of you. “You need to worship our skinny flat asses — only us!” You’ve been prodded and punished for such talk in the past. But now, Princess has spread her ass cheeks and she wants you to smell her asshole through the thong. You press in and smell. The raw earthiness of it overwhelms you. But you love it.

She pulls down her thong and presses your face close. You open your mouth and tongue around the rim. “Clean it,” she says. “I exercised all morning. I want it squeaky clean.” You know what to do and take her starfish asshole in your mouth. You lick around the meat of it and push your tongue past the perimeter. She moans. You try to touch yourself, but she won’t let you. Lily puts you on your knees, reaches around and grabs your cock from behind. You’re on all fours now, your head bent up and licking ass like a dog.

She Strokes So Good!

Lily strokes your cock and pushes in on your prostate, massaging you as you eat Princess’ asshole. You feel your balls fill with cum, feel the pressure building and building. You lick until Princess pushes you away. And now it’s Lily’s turn.

Lily stops stroking you off and makes you eat her black thongs, which she shoves in your face. You taste their stains. But she rubs them across your face and then tosses them to the dirt. She bends over and lets you lick. Princess continues to stroke you. Her hands are hot and wet. She spits on your cock and strokes hard. You tongue-fuck Lily’s ass. She gasps and moans, shivering out an orgasm almost immediately.

Get Ready to Jizz…

And this is when you cum.

You shoot your white load all over the floor as Princess sticks her finger in your asshole and slowly fucks your asshole while you cum. You feel the spasms of cum as your white load spurts to a climax and fades, but the sensation stirs and lingers as Princess exits your ass. “Such a gooner,” she says. “You were supposed to edge, not cum!” But you hang your head. Truly, you feel released and refreshed. But you know they’ll be more soon… Soon, Princess and Lily will command your obedience again.

To be honest, you can’t wait.

Jerk Your Cock to Ass

goon captions relapse into porn

It’s time to goon for that ass. If you’re not already in the mood to goon, it’s time to push yourself to the edge. Stare at that ass and stroke yourself. Reset your addiction and turn it on by will. The more you stare at the plump juiciness of her ass, the easier it is to feel the cum bubbling up inside you.


And she wants you to look at her. Stroke your cock nice and slow for her. Imagine peeling her thong to the side as she lets you feel her ass cheek. Squeeze the cheek. Massage it with your hand as you stroke your cock. She reaches down and touches your hard cock. She tugs on it softly and starts jerking you off.


You feel her hand on your cock, guiding your cock. You can’t stop now. You feel her ass and reach down to caress her smooth pussy. She moans and strokes you faster. It feels great. The heat of her hand. The warmth of her breath as she leans into you. She whispers into your ear. Listen. What does she say? Let her voice come to you as you jerk your cock to her ass. To her pussy. Jerk your cock to her luscious soft body.


Slide your cock into her pussy from behind. Feel yourself glide into a warm wet hole and stroke. Jerk your cock to that hole as she pushes herself onto you. Feel her fucking you and let her fuck you as you stroke faster. Massage your balls as you stroke. Those are her hands on your balls. Let her hands cup them and gently rub them.


Smell her body. Inhale the sweat of her back and the back of her neck. She moans as you stroke faster. You feel the cum. Edge. Don’t stop, gooner. Keep yourself going to the edge. Leak that cock and rub the leaked pre-cum on yourself. Goon and feel the orgasm twitch. You want to come, don’t you? You want to come so bad. But you aren’t going to come. Hold it.


She pulls out and lets you rest. Tap the shaft of your cock. Feel your cock pulsate. Does’t that feel good? Don’t you want more? I’m always here, she whispers to you. Always for you. Breathe… Just relax and breathe.

Goon Session: Lick My Asshole

lick my smelly little asshole

You strokin’, bro? I see you staring at my pussy. That’s why I decided to blur it. You’ve never eaten pussy before. I think that’s so pathetic. You have to earn the right to lick my pussy. You can start by tonguing my smelly little asshole. Get your tongue in there and lick. I want your tongue to explore my ass. Are you jerking off to that? I want you to jerk off as you imagine yourself licking my asshole. Think about yourself with your face buried down there, not able to even sniff my fresh pussy. It’s not for you. Not yet. You have to earn it.

This is your goon session. Keep stroking your cock while you eat my ass. Don’t stop. If you stop, I’ll never let you eat it again. Even if my pussy is dripping wet, I won’t let you have even a little taste. Not unless you lick this asshole. Nnnnnnnggggggghhhhhh. I like that. You’re phucking good at this now… Nnnngggghhhh… keep licking. Yes. Touch your cock. Don’t stop. YES! Fuck my asshole with your tongue. Just like that. Harder. More! Lick it. Oh yes! Yes! Yessssssss!

Did you come? Or are you edging, you pathetic ass eater? If you’re edging now, I want you to feel that pressure. You like that, don’t you? Dreaming of sticking your cock inside my asshole, I bet. You aren’t ready. You can’t even eat my pussy yet, cum dripper. Stick to my asshole, gooner, and learn to love it. Soon, you’ll be begging to lick my asshole. You know it.

It’s Time To Dancerbate!

Ah yes, finally a form of dance that we can really get behind here at GoonSex. While I’ve never heard of this crazy dance phenomenon before, it seems somehow appropriate given our pornographic purposes. Before TikTok there was DANCERBATING! Live it. Love it. Shake your ass and finger your pussy at the same time. We love to dancerbate and you should, too!

And who could forget about that classic dance move, “The Jerk?” Do the Edge? Do the Slow Stroke? Or are you more of a Prostate Shuffle kinda lad? No matter. You’re welcome to join us on the danceloor as we dancerbate our way to freedom.

dancerbating image

Click the above video to watch on Motherless. Or, if you don’t like clicking images and just want to dancerbate to a text link, click here to go to the URL on motherless.com.