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Smell Her Asshole

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There’s only one thing we really want. Do you know what it is? We want you to come here and smell her asshole. That’s right, slave… Put your face closer and take a good whiff. Bury your face in her ass. You’ll be be lucky if it stinks. Clean it if it does. That’s your job. Get right in there and smell and lick and clean. We know you like it. And we know that you’re secretly getting off on the smell and taste of her asshole, you sick fucker.

The Fetish of Smell

If you haven’t guessed it, we have a smell fetish. It doesn’t always surface, but when it does, it surfaces very powerfully. There’s a heady sensation involved in the sensation of smell. It’s like when a woman walks past you and you get whiff of her perfume, her laundry detergent, or her shampoo. The smell can be deliciously simple and subtle. In fact, subtle smells are the most pleasant sometimes. The subtle smell allows you to dream of greater smells on and within the body. The act of smelling is an erotic art, a way to expand your sexual consciousness and further embrace the humanity of your sexual partner. Everyone has a smell. Let the smell be adored and celebrated.

Practice Smelling Your Partner

Smell your partner more. The next time you’re easing into a sexual situation, stop and smell their hair. Lean over and smell the back of their neck, their spine, and down to their ass. Smell their genitals. Sniff the soles of their feet. Do this subtly and in a way that turns on your partner. Once you two are attuned to the act, you can rub your nose into their most private areas, but do take it slow. Sometimes, people can be self-conscious about their smell. However, as a smell fetishist, I’ve never encountered a sexual smell that I didn’t like when engaged in the sexual situation. Curious? Give it a try next time you’re getting dirty with your partner. It might transform your night in a good way.

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Imagine you’re in the studio with Lana. You are in control. She’s come there to be fucked in the ass by you. Place the cameras. You have prepared the room, cleaned it, and the cameras are set. Your anal porn brat is done with make-up and it’s time to shoot. You sit her down and take pictures are you shoot. And you interview her. You bring her fantasies to life and set the mood. In doing so, her hot asshole flexes and contracts. All your talk about assholes, buttholes, and anal porn get her pussy wet and she’s ready to suck your dick. Do you inspect her asshole? Do you taste her butthole? Or, do you slide your finger or thumb inside her chocolate donut? Or, do you rush into the hardcore anal action? It’s your choice. In closing, check the scene to be dazzled by great anal porn.

Text for the Hypno Gooner Girls

She rises from the dark, a hypno gooner, suddenly blinded by her own desire for the porno experience. And she’s connected to the goonerverse server, to the encrypted rooms within rooms that float in the darkness of the secret web. The hyno gooner is intensified by the pornographic images. The screens blip and glitch, sputter to pure porno chaos.

She hasn’t always been a hypno gooner. Someone on a hidden server recommended she check out a certain dark site. She pinged the IP to somewhere in Eastern Europe. But the hypno gooner was not prepared for the flux of porn that would pour from the server and infiltrate her mind.

Instead, she fried on porn. She came repeatedly and edged after cumming. It was a slow grind of hypno pornographic imagery. Her pussy twitched in pleasure. “You’re now going to suffer the joy of being a hypo gooner,” a voice said to her, echoing up from the porn-flux. She could barely understand. But she didn’t need to understand. This girl was already caught in the tangles of the pornographic image.

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A model popular on Reddit, PetiteBlondeMel, is a hot ass milf and we love her milf ass. Not only is she hot, but her pics and gifs are so well done. She knows how to tug down her shorts, spread her legs, bend over with just the right amount of torque. She knows how smile and show off and how to create some amazing fucking content.

Seriously, that last on/off shot of the gallery is one of the best on/off images I’ve ever seen. Mel, you are a TOTAL FOX! Incredible.

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